Sunday, December 28, 2014

Christmas summary

T'was the week around Christmas and all through the house, most creatures were sick except for the spouse. 
The stockings were hung by the chimney with care, in hopes that the flu wouldn't stay in the air. 
The children were nestled on their parents floor, while parents were praying that they would sleep a little bit more.
And mama with a temp of 102, we celebrated Christmas while she came down with that nasty flu too!!
Now papa stayed healthy working 50 plus hours, taking care of all people that slip and fall in their showers!
When all of a sudden the end was in sight, that then our youngest gave us a brand new fright!
Puking sounds echoed down the hall, as the eldest came yelling, "some has hit the wall."
Away from packing i flew like a flash, to hand the youngest the trash!
So now things are calmer and clean, i will kick up my feet and stare at the screen...
...not forgetting to add more probiotics to my IDLife regime!!

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Update on my journey- from a physical perspective

Infection, MRSA, pericarditis, PCOS, mono times 2, weight gain, were all overshadowing over a decade of struggles that I had with major depression and clinical anxiety. I wasn't even 30 at this point!!   All of this leads me to twice being admitted to a mental hospital.

Every person that I interacted with through this journey of struggle had their own recommendations to "fix me."  Multiple long term treatments of broad spectrum antibiotics, rest more, exercise more, pray more, add another antidepressant, here's another prescription, and above all just be grateful and pray more; were some of the suggestions I received. With each new Rx came a new side effect some worse than others.  Then training for a marathon came a femoral stress fracture.  Legalism was the result of my "do more approach to life;” I kept doing the same things over and over again expecting a different result  (I know this is the definition of insanity).  All my well-meaning efforts landed me in the humbling experience of hospitalization and over $10,000 poorer each visit.   I had to resign from my nursing job at this time...

 I needed a big shift in the way I was doing life.  My attempts to fix what was broken weren’t working.   Shortly after resolving myself that I needed to make a change I received an agonizing reaction to my medication psychological medications that I was taking at the time, Torticollis; which is a reaction that causes your muscles to contract in your neck that caused a painful distortion of my neck.   This reaction sealed the deal that I needed to do life differently, health differently, and live differently.

I called every fellow RN I knew and trusted for recommendations for practitioners that did nutritional and hormonal testing with a holistic approach to keep better tabs on my health.  After extensive testing and another large financial cost I discovered so many nutritional deficiencies in my system along with autoimmune issues.  Much to the result of growing up in a stressful life situation where I took on unhealthy patterns  and roles in my family of origin. 

For example vitamin d was in the tanks along with my magnesium levels, vitamins B levels, progesterone, insulin, and cortisol levels.   I was sick and deficient in so many areas...I left my new doctor’s office with a box full of vitamins, and progesterone cream.   I began a new journey of health at this point...I did notice some huge changes in my mood, frequency of infections, etc.

At this point I was introduced to IDLife for the second time, and everything the company stood for affirmed my quest of finding a different more holistic approach to my health.  I heard about IDLife about a year prior, but I love how God works.  I wasn't ready to make this shift in my life at this time so He gave me a second chance.

I did my personal health assessment and did my research.  I found that for almost a third the cost of my $250 a month supplements I could get pharmaceutical grade supplements with a quality guarantee. Within 48 hours I not only bought my supplements, I also jumped into the business with both feet.  It had been over a year and a half since I had worked as a Registered nurse.

Five months later I find myself standing here today doing things very differently (and some would say unconventionally).  I am 15 pounds lighter, off 4 of my prescription pills, saving money, and actually making money as I share IDLife and the quality products it offers.

I have never done anything like this!!  It took doing things very differently, stepping out of my comfort zone, taking a leap of faith, acting despite the fears and reservations.  As I have filled my nutritional deficiencies I am able to heal what was never supposed to be broken by abuse.
Now I am healthier than I have ever been!!   It is a gift that I can use my story, RN degree, and passions to help others find health.   Do I still struggle? Yes!!  But I am able to struggle up to growing as a person, friend, wife, and mother.