Monday, February 18, 2013

Who am I?

According to Ephesians I am...

  • Blessed
  • Chosen and wanted
  • Holy
  • Blameless
  • Adopted into God's Family (with an inheritance of a Son)
  • Loved
  • Redeemed
  • "In the know" (I know God's will)
  • Included
  • Marked with a guarantee (the Holy Spirit)
  • Hopeful through Jesus
  • Powerful
  • Alive
  • God's workmanship
  • a Citizen of God's people
  • a Home for the Holy Spirit
  • Enlightened
  • Free
  • Rooted in Love
  • again deeply Loved
  • a New Creation
  • Loved deeply (yet again)- I think that this is trying to be hammered in
  • Light (no longer in darkness)
What a great Monday reminder!!  I am usually not a big fan of Mondays they seem to be chaotic, while we re-coop from the busy weekend.  Sometimes I forget who I am on the start of the week.  I need to be reminded and live in the truth.  It's amazing how jam packed God's word is in telling me who I am...and it is a lot better than what my feeble mind tells me.  Oh that we are Loved, Redeemed, Holy, Blameless, Free, and a New Creation.  Lord may I live in these truths today and this week..


  1. Yes! Thanks for this reminder. I needed it this morning too. :)

  2. Praying for you today Kristin. Wouldn't that be a beautiful picture if we all lived in the truth. Not just knowing it but believing it.


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