Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Staying Grounded

I lost my forward momentum toward healthier living in the last month.  One unhealthy thought then the choice to entertain it leads then to another bad choice; then I found myself into a self dug pit.  I had 3 weeks of this and found myself struggling in my old familiar pit.

Yesterday was a regroup and refocus to slow down, be real, feel my emotions, stop stuffing, be honest, and accept community.  So here I go forward with Grace with one baby step after another...

Part of this God Sized dream group I joined links us up with other blogging God sized dreamers.  I am blessed to have linked up with two.  First is Elise from Circles of Faith has been someone I have connected with.  She is a wonderful writer of one blog and co founder of Circles of Faith.  I am blessed to have a prayer warrior and God Sized Dreamer to journey with.  Check out her page...

Here's to community, even virtual!!


  1. Thank you Alyson. I so appreciate the mutual blessings and encouragement. It is a blessing being connected to you!

  2. I understand the familiar "stuffing of emotions" and I had a little meltdown episode this week.. I can relate.. Glad you're part of this community and know that you're not alone!

  3. Thank you sarah! Here is to not stuffing!!


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