Monday, November 5, 2012

Come away with me...

Song of Songs 1:4 a, "Take me away with you- let us hurry!"

This was the invite I received from my sweet Savior and I got to sneak away with some time with Him in the presence of fellow sisters in Christ.  Oh the sweet opportunity to be away from the details of daily life and just settle into Christ's presence.

 The Lord provided in the financial means to go in a gift; and what a gift I was offered.  Partly in my pride I considered not going but how could I decline such an invitation.  So I packed up my trunk with another sister and went; boy did I receive rest, peace, affirmation, love, and encouragement.

One of the quotes from the weekend was “…a loving soul wants fresh food every day from the table of Christ.  And you who have once had the kisses of His mouth, though you remember the past kisses with delight, yet want daily fresh tokens of His love.” written by Charles Spurgeon.  It was almost like Christ came and gave me a kiss while I was just 15 minutes away from my home.  I got to taste and see that the Lord is good once again (Psalm 34:8).  

So quickly I get distracted from this truth "that the Lord is good" and get hung up in the life; to do's and now's.  This weekend  confirmed what I recently read in Ecclesiastes 11:10, "So then, banish anxiety from  your heart and cast off the troubles of you body."  

My prayer: Oh Lord please help me to cast of all anxiety and troubles; taking time to soak in the blessings and kisses from you.  May you not be another to do rather; I need you like air.  I will sufficate from the worries of this world without you.  Communion with you guides me in my day.  Clear my hands of clutter that they may be open for your work, Lord and service.  Pry my hands from my load.


  1. How wonderful to hear that God loves you no matter what!

    It is okay to need Him and to allow your family to "need Him" also. You do not have to meet your family's every need.

    That is for Christ!!

  2. Amen thanks for the reminder of this truth that Jesus is to meet people's needs including my own family. He is faithful and loving and will take care of their needs as he has mine.


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