Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Love this!! Women of Faith talking about all the difference a Well makes!

Women of Faith DailyWhat a Difference a Well Makes
 Ethiopia Diary Entry #2: What a Difference a Well Makes
Tuesday, October 16, 2012 by Sandi Patty
Traveling to Ethiopia this summer, I was struck by several things.  But there is one image that comes to my mind so often.  Often as I’m getting a quick drink of water at the fridge, or washing my hands in the sink, or gathering clothes to throw in the washer.  The image of the strong and resilient women walking mile upon mile upon mile with 5 gallon jugs on their backs.  They walk to the river only to find dirty water.  They take the risk knowing that the water, which is essential to the daily-ness of life, can also bring disease.  And yet for their family they walk and they carry and they walk some more, often making the trip 3 to 4 times a day.  The locals explained to us that the walking has become somewhat of a social time for the women and yet I’m thinking, “does that mean they have to walk 5 miles, both ways, several times a day?”
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What’s in a Well?

What if water…CLEAN LIFE GIVING WATER was only a few yards away and plentiful?  How would it change the daily-ness of what the women do each day?  How would it change the disease rate that often accompanies unclean water?  How would it change the weariness, yet determination in the eyes of these women?
If we only did ONE THING, and put in ONE WELL for ONE COMMUNITY, the impact of that would be 10,000 people would have access to clean life giving water.
Let’s change the world, One Well at A Time!
What’s in a well?  LIFE!

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