Monday, September 17, 2012

The Story of my oldest- a Miracle

The desire to become a mother becomes stronger the longer you wait.  We had about 5 years of marriage prior to having the blessing of our first child, three years of which we strongly desired to start a family.  After testing from two different doctors; we started clomid.  Clomid sharply increases chances for multiples (ie twins).  At that season in my life it sounded great; 2 for 1.

So for two years we tried clomid along with provera (which starts your period), which ended with much frustration, and lots of tears.  Truly I wished Costco would have sold pregnancy tests by surplus, because I used so many in those years; and contributed to the landfill of Sonora, California at the time.  Well after some more testing I found out I had poly-cystic ovarian disease so the medication regime changed and glucophage (Metformin) was started.

More and more time went by and I waited for my cycle to come and it never did.  So on my MD's orders I was to take provera again starting in the morning.  I was struggling with depression at this time in my life so I am sure I went to bed around 8pm.

 I have always had crazy dreams (it is a family thing), vivid and memorable.   But this night I had a dream unlike any previous.  I dreamed that there was a tiny heart beat in my belly.  It was like I was looking right inside of me and saw that life was there.  So I woke early on that Sunday, with some skepticism, and took one of my running stock of pregnancy tests.

And sure enough it was positive, I waited the whole two minutes before I screamed at my husband that we were pregnant!!!  Being the person he is; he immediately got on the computer searching false positives on pregnancy tests on the Internet.  Love that man, but the moment was squelched.  So off to church we went and then we immediately left church, no fellowship was going to stop us, we were headed to the foothill pregnancy center were I worked at the time doing ultrasounds to confirm this "positive test."  So off we went and peered into the sacred place in my womb.  I coached Tyler on doing an ultrasound (definitely an interesting position for a husband and wife).  I will spare you the details.   But as clear as day; we saw a sac and our precious child's heart beat.

Well there is the miracle, did you catch it?  God gave me a dream that saved my precious child from me accidentally aborting him by taking the provera.  Had I taken the medication that the doctor prescribed it would have forced an abortion of our son.  God had this precious boy in mind before he was even conceived and God graciously protected him from us.  1 Samuel 1:27 , "I prayed for this child, and the Lord has granted me what I asked for."  So five years ago on September 22nd Noah Robert Danger Jefferson was born in a hurry and has been bustling with joy, energy, and love for life ever since.  We are so blessed to have him in our life.
Noah Jefferson 4 months


  1. Aly, What a wonderful story... I didn't know it! Thank you so much for being open and sharing. God is certainly able!!!!Loeta

  2. What a miracle, and yes, you are very blessed! We serve an awesome God!

  3. Yes Noah is a miracle!! And our God is awesome and wonderful! Blessed we all are in different ways we just have to look for the blessings around us.

  4. Beautiful, beautiful story and testimony! Thank you for sharing this, Alyson.

  5. Thanks for taking some time to hear about God's story manifested in my life.


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