Sunday, July 1, 2012

Hatching to freedom

New life has begun...

It is truly a miracle that it does: new life beginning. We watched from our front porch the work of a diligent mother care for her babies that haven't even hatched. To and fro she flies collecting the best bits for her babies. She is easily scared off when we get close. Quickly flying to the top of a nearby tree. Eyes always on her clutch. One writer from National Geographic suggests that she is trying to deter preditors away from her hidden nest deep within the safety of our tree...

Mom birds are known to pull the softest feathers from their own chest to pack the nest extra soft for the eggs and soon to hatch chicks. (A wonderful example of a mother's sometimes painful insustration of sacrifice).  Hatching eggs can take up to 24 hours to hatch, using their sharp beak to escape from the inside out. Most eggs hatch unasissted...almost like that exertion is a right of passage for the bird. Despite the fact that the mother bird would gladly help those babies into the world, she can not. Her beak would injure the hatchlings if she tried. Her talons do not have the dexterity to gently peel off the shell. There is no mom to help break them free from their hard shell. The chicks have to do it alone.

Before I could even get another picture the nest was empty. Mommy birds begin to make the nest uncomfortable so that the baby bird will find it wings and fly. Some mommy birds are known to push the babies out to their own nest, and safety to fly. Not the way that I would want to leave a wonderful place to rest.

Here is the contrast of God's love for us; he wants us to rest in him safely. Ironically I joined this wonderful group of women after God's heart called the ROOST. Kind of fitting for the illustration of the nest in our tree. On Roost is defined as - a place for sitting, resting, or lodging. In my allagory, the nest in my front tree reminds me of the journey that God has me on. I would love to just stay there in that converted upstairs garage and fellowship in the safety of women of God.  In my only three experiences at this jam packed group of wome I have seen rest.  I have felt the softest feathers of God's safety. 

I am still still struggling, sometimes I don't even find safety inside my own self; but yet I am invited daily to rest in God's presences in the soft nest of Resting in him (which is a whole other topic).  Matthew 11:30, "For my yoke is easy and my burden is light."  Doesn't that sound wonderful!!  Its a world that wants to at some time push us out of the nest.  There is a God that wants you and I to draw even closer tn him and abide with Him in his nest.  James 4: 8, "Draw near to God, and he will and he will draw near to you..." (NKJV) 

Lord may I be the eggs in your nest and when I hatch may I continue to find myself returning to you instead of flying away.

"Faith is putting all you eggs in God's basket, then counting your blessings before they hatch."

- Ramona C. Carroll


  1. Do these illustrations just come to you? You are an amazing woman..., and mother..., and friend. Thank you for sharing your life with all its struggles and loves and joys.

  2. The illustrations do come to me as I have slowed my life down significantly and take time to be reflective while spending time thanking God for His world. Thank you for your words of encouragement.


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