Thursday, April 5, 2012

Flowers still bloom after the rain...

I feel like I shot myself in the foot by saying I've been healed. I would like to reclaim that it was a good season, and all of us know there are many different seasons.

 The spring season brings beautiful bluebonnets here in Texas, green grass, and tornadoes. The seasons tend to change fast here in my heart, soul, and psych.  Sometimes faster than the weather...but I've had better days these last two.

 After traveling last week I got out of my routine of exercise and medication.   I also have learned the importance of surrounding myself  frequently with people that live life imperfectly, openly, and don't want to do it alone.

 I love Sheila Walsh's post on Facebook today, "What if the wounds we beg God to heal, the burdens we plead with Him to remove, are the very things that make us fit for his service?" I know that I do have a choice even when the intense depressive feelings are there, and, eventually they will go away.  My choice is to either get bitter and quit or blog and reflect on the truth of God's word.

 In the book one thousand gifts I am again reminded that without God's word as my lens, the world warps. Things seem permanent, personal, and pervasive (we are back to the 3 P's) in every area or my life as negative.  So seasons come and go. Weeds one day flowers the next; I need a Savior and I need His word that keeps me in the truth.

 2 Samuel 22:2-3b "the Lord is my rock, my fortress and my deliverer; my God is my rock, in which I take refuge.". Even in the storms!!!


  1. Lord I need you to be my rescuer and rock today.

  2. We have Creeping Mint growing our by our deck. After the winter, it looked awful - all grey and ugly looking. I was sad, because I really like the mint.

    So I started tearing away the ugly, grey dead mint, thinking that I would need to replant some later. To my surprise, I found that under the Ugly, Grey, was new growth - tiny little leaves of mint were hiding under the Ugly Grey. I didn't even know it was there until I tore it away.

    I thought of you, maybe since you've been heavy on my heart and in my prayers already.

    I started praying for you again: That when Jesus tears away the Ugly Grey, from you, (and I know he will) that you will discover that you have new growth that has been hiding under the Ugly Grey - Perhaps new growth that can begin to fill a pothole.

  3. Thank you Christy. I love that!! It's like the weeds get them out before you can have all the flowers. ie. Cut the dead out and then new life can grow.


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