Saturday, March 3, 2012

The waiting room

We've all been in them... some times much longer than we would ever want; they are waiting rooms.  Whether at a doctors appointment, dentists, hospitals, interview, etc.  Some are nice and comfy (like at my dentist office they had kuerg coffee and Internet) making the hour wait less torturous, and others have been sterile, hard and cold; like an Emergency department; where you will be lucky to get a drink of water and find a clean bathroom.   None the less we've all been them. 

The last 15 years with my depression has been like sitting in a waiting room. A season of waiting for health, healing from the darkness of suicidal thoughts, waiting for hope, to find joy, wanting so desperately to be freed from bondage.  Is 15 years a long time? yes and no.  I could continue to mourn the loss of years, joy of having babies, and depleted years of joyful marriage.  But I would be missing out on the joy of today and God's timing and the new season I am in. 

I was encouraged by a quote by Chuck Swindoll- "God is in no hurry. Compared to the works of mankind, He is extremely deliberate. God is not a slave to the human clock."

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