Sunday, February 12, 2012

God was with him... God is with me

I have had some time to study Genesis and just finished with Joseph's story.  The favored son; Joseph, was not well recieved when he spoke his dreams to his brothers and father.  Jealousy began to breed anger in the hearts of his brothers.  Many are familiar with the story that Joseph ends up being sold into slavery; after a plot to murder is interupted, all by the hands of his brothers. He ends up reported as dead to his father. 

Here is the good news Genesis 39:2, "The Lord was with Joseph and he prospered..."  Interesting to think God was with him despite his circumstances that included; plotted to be killed, sold into slavery, in a different land and language (Egypt), betrayed by his own brothers.  My pattern would lead me to despair.  God are you really with me? 

Oh Joseph's story gets worse; falsely accused of adultery, thrown in prison for two years, and then finally redeemed.  vs 22 of Genesis 39 again says "the Lord was with him; and showed him kindness." Now I don't know if Jacob was aware of the fact that the Lord was with him and protecting him even in the destitute position of being in prison.  I do know that looking at his story with a readers hindsight you see the Lord's hand protecting him from murder by the hands of his brothers, and death from being falsely accused of adultery. 

The Lords blessing is seen prospering him even in jail by finding favor of the warden, and then he was able to interpret Pharaoh's dreams saving thousands from famine.  If we only looked at the negative circumstances of Joseph life it would look very glum even depressing and all of this happened before his 37th birthday.  In Genesis 41 we see that Joseph had remembered God vs 16 Joseph has just been asked to interpret Pharaoh's dream and he replies, "I cannot do it, Joseph replied to Pharaoh, but God will give Pharaoh the answer..."  Had he experienced feelings of hopelessness, questioning the Lord?  The writer of Genesis doesn't give us insight to this we do know that when called upon to interpret Pharaoh's dreams he gives the credit to the Lord. 

How about when you look back at your hardships or even look at the ones you are in now?  Can you see that the Lord was and is with you?  I look back at my first suicidal time in DC where I planned to jump off the building in which I lived in the second year of marriage while my husband was at school.  I went outside at sat on a bench for 2 hours instead and waited for my husband to return home.  I'm sure he thought I was crazy.  But by God's hand I was admitted into nursing school after being on the waiting list; and met an amazing counselor (Megan) at my school for free.  The Lord was in that!!!  He provided support of a good counselor for free and a great recommendation to a psychiatrist (Dr Becker) and got I on Wellbutrin which I took for the next two years.  Though seeing the MD was $250 a visit and the cost of a prescription; God provided enough for two students not working to begin the journey of walking with God despite many years of hardships to follow.  Family would visit and pay for groceries or a gift card for Trader Joe's would come, Gods blessings made the finances work...even on a $35 dollar a week grocery budget.  It's amazing that once I have spent some time looking for God's hand in the dark times I see that he was there and has continued to be with me.  God is with me, has been, and will continue to be, and this can be true for you...  Take some time to look for his hand in your life even if it was an encouraging word at a dark time, a friend, your spouse, family, etc..

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