Sunday, February 5, 2012

Fine by Jaymes Reunion

This is a song that Tyler and I have song and danced to in both low and high times.  Sometimes we would sing it through tears and other times with joy and dance.  This is how we have felt in our journey together through the trials of life.  I tried to add it to the songs played below but with out sucess so here is just the words:

Hello my friend
Can you teach me how to breathe again?
Can you teach me how to love?
Can you give me a life?

The problem begins
When I add it up and count again
I'm losing every fight
And I need some answers
Maybe it's alright and I'm gonna lend it.

You never really loved
Until you watch it fall apart
And you never really lived
Until you felt like you can die
And you never really stood
Until the weight has pushed you over
You're pickin' up the pieces just to find
You're doin' just fine
I'm scared to death
That I'll never find a me thats best
Every story's been told I feel like a loser
All these wounds are getting old
So I'm gonna lend it

Oh I'm spinin' out of control
Lookin' up as I fall
Colors that float around me
And oh I cut up my heart again
This freedom is nothing but sin
I know you know me better
So make it better

And I never really loved
Until I watched it fall apart
And I never really lived
Until I saw that I was dead
And I never really stood
Until the weight had pushed me over
I'm pickin' up the pieces just to find
(Everything's fine)

Fine, fine, fine, fine...
Fine, fine, fine, fine...

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