Sunday, February 26, 2012

A cry for help...can you hear it (warning this story may break your heart)

Manna, a 16 year old in India, wakes yet again to find herself in darkness, though she is not alone.   She can hear the soft cries from what seems to be from several other girls that are close by.  The smell of fecal matter is so strong that she is unable to eat what little food that she had pocketed from the night before. Her little body is broken from the abuse that she endured each day, in the brothel that she was sold into.  How did her story begin?   The International Justice Mission shares her story with us below. (IJM)

"When 14-year-old Manna* ran away
from her abusive home, she met a
woman who offered her a job selling
fabric. She accepted the position,
and the woman provided her a place
to sleep for the night. When Manna
awoke in the morning, the woman
was gone, and Manna discovered
that she was in a brothel. For the
next two years, she was held in the
brothel and raped by customers for
the profit of the brothel owners
She was freed when IJM investigators
discovered her captivity and
alerted local authorities, working
with them to release her and three
other young girls from the brothel.
The brothel owners each received
five-year sentences for their crimes,
and Manna was brought to an aftercare
home to heal in security."

Sadly she is among the other 2 million Children that are exploited in the global commercial sex trade (UNICEF). Today there are 27 million slaves in this world (UNICEF). 

Isn't slavery over?  Isn't this the 21st century? My heart breaks to know this. 

We just watched the movie "The Whistle blower" tonight and I can not sit in silence.  Tyler and I talk alot about being stirred but never changed; but guilt doesn't bring change.  Trust me I lived in guilt for many years tying to change, without much avail.  Instead I want to grow my affections for the things that God cares about and loves; including the things that break God's heart. 

Psalm 34:18. "The Lord is near to the broken-hearted and saves the crushed in spirit." 

Do you hear that!!  God is near to the broken hearted.  To be reminded Manna's story is true and that there are many other girls, boys, men and women living in such bondage and abuse breaks my heart.  But what is even more encouraging is that God is close to the broken hearted including those in slavery today, just like he was close to the isrealites in slavery in Egypt (end of Genesis and Exodus).  He has called me, and those that are followers of Christ to be his hands, to be an ambassador for the gospel of Christ.  Some additional ways I want to do this is to sponsor a third child from compassion internaltional (you can also do so here or find out more information Compassion).  Many organizations have proven that prevention is key to keeping children and families out of poverty and slavery.  An additional organization I want to support is the International Justice Mission or (IJM). 

"Lord may you break my heart with the things that break yours and then please draw near to me when I am unable."  Love your daughter, Alyson


  1. Dear Alyson,
    You are so right! So many cry out for help, may we who are His body respond as He calls us.
    You are a precious daughter of an Amazing King!


  2. Dear Mom- I feel compassionate about this. This is why the blog is public, so that it wont just bring healing to me and tyler but hopefully to other who read it. Love Aly


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