Tuesday, January 3, 2012

A season of blooming

It has been awhile...it's been a busy season.  Much of which was a good distraction from my regular low points.  The flowers have been plenty in my life; you could say they are blooming.

Fall brought tons of falling leaves, which you shouldn't blow after a rain.  Blowing them is like trying to get wet toilet paper off a baby's butt. 2 hours later I at least got them into a pile.  Also make sure you pick up all the dog poop prior to blowing it can turn into a trajectory object!

Fall also brought a new doctor and winter brought my psychologist leaving.  Still waiting on labs with new doctor and will be building trust with a whole new psychologist.  Just found out today that he is just stopped working.  Good reminder to put my trust in God not man; including doctors.

Christmas brought lots of wonderful family, lots of help, fellowship, fun, and breaks from daily life.  We had about 28 people here at one time on Christmas day.  I loved that I snuck away for an hour unnoticed and un-missed from hosting such a large crowd (here's to taking care of myself) something that I would have never dared to do in years prior.  We were also blessed to get away to California to enjoy more family, fun, sun, and laughter.  The flowers in my life are there and blooming; and I have enjoyed a season of being able to more clearly see them.

Matthew 6:28, 31..."And why to you worry about clothes? See how the lilies to the field grow. They do not labor or spin...So do not worry..."

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