Thursday, December 15, 2011

Dr W

In my regular jeans (you know the ones that just fit right and are super comfy), puma shoes, red sweater and T-shirt, I sit down next to a traditional Texas Woman.  These are the ones that stereo types are made from.  Fancy cowboy boots that haven't touched dirt, bling; earrings, necklace and coordinating bracelet, and perfect hair.  Repeatedly I look at my labs, past medical history, etc. for the umpteen time, completely out of place I look around.  The waiting room is adorned with leather chairs, Botox pamphlets, Texas life style magazines and I feel completely out of place.  The hope that I had walking into the waiting room diminished with thoughts of doubt.  Would this Dr W have any medical hope for finding a cure for my vicious depression cycle?  Was there hope for finding greater health or was I in the wrong place?.  I would have jumped up and ran except for the fact that this doctor got two wonderful references from my psychiatrist and counselor.  I soon found out that he would offer years of expertise that would quickly ease my fears.  Dr W has over 30 years of experience that has lead him to an expertise in healthy living and hormones.  Well that is where this new chapter starts...
First get all the yeast out of my body.  Why?  Lots of reasons which persuaded me enough to do it.  
Secondly tons of labs; probably several hundred dollars worth all on day 18-21 of my cycle, which of course falls on Christmas weekend.  No promises were made but I feel a glimmer of hope that there is some additional relief from 3-5 days of each month of me feeling suicidal.  I think the best thing I have done the last few months is to recognize the cyclical moods I have related to my menses and pull out a calendar.  Now to find a lab that is open the day after Christmas...


  1. So glad you are getting the answers that you've been searching for. Still praying! Have a blessed Christmas!

  2. Tracey thank you for your continued prayer and support. Do you have a blog?


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