Saturday, November 12, 2011

What do you all think

Well I know that there are readers out there...  What is your thoughts on change?  (whether good or bad).  Post below under comments.


  1. I tell people all the time that every season is my favorite... I just like change. When it comes to weather this is completely true. When discussing life... Well, not so much. Change is scary. Even change you have fought and prayed for. Facing the unknown is sometimes harder than the difficult things you do know. Thank God I can turn to Him inthe midst of change. I can throw my hands up, tell Him I don't know what He is thinking and how much I don't like whatever I see coming and then I can lay it down. Placing it all at His feet opens the doors to allow Him to bring it all miraculously together. And He does. And He will continue to do so. Thank you God that you are in all the change just waiting to make miracles.

  2. Thanks spring for sharing...I love your insight and wisdom. I know that God will continue to minister through you in a mighty way.

  3. Reading your blog and this one struck me. Change is redefining. We grow up with everyone asking what we want to be or who we want to be. They never tell us that your life will constantly be changing and no matter who you think you are, you will always be changing and challenged. There is such a mold to fit in this world that change of different is so easily seen as a failure. We are prepared for the happiness in life, not the pain. I think change is God's way of showing us that we do not have all the answers, and that nothing is 100% reliable except Him. All other ground is sinking sand.

    You are a neat, strong woman Alyson! I hope people who can related to your struggle read this blog.

  4. Heather- I appresiate your comment. I have heard recently that people would rather leave the change but keep the dollars. I think I too have fought off the normal change of life. Thanks so much!!


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