Monday, November 7, 2011

My Weeds and the Master Gardener

I don't know about the weeds in your garden, but mine tend to congregate along the fences.  They tend to seep in from the neighbors (so I thought), until I looked over the fence and saw that their yard was remarkably weed free. theory was incorrect, humbly I began to look for other explanations...  I once was accused by someone who lives with me (I won't tell you who),  that instead of pre-emergent weed killer I threw out weed seed.  Now that is preposterous!!  I wouldn't even think of it!  Rather, it seems to be just like the areas at the corners of our heart where no one sees; unconfessed sin, resentment, anger, abuse, etc.   

There seems to be a pattern in my backyard that the weeds are the worst around the edges.  I probably didn't get close enough with the pre-emergent and the weed whacker.  I am doing a bible study (steps) at the Village Church.  It is messy and yet wonderful at the same time.  You dig around deep in your heart to see where you have put other things above God.  Most of my things tend to be in the corners of my heart where I haven't examined or let God examine.  My God is no longer the God that wants us to wear our "Sunday best" and look "neat and tidy" on the outside.  He wants my deep weeds that can so deeply invade my heart and choke out what God wants to do in my life.  My weeds rob my life of purpose and freedom in Christ.  God the Master Gardener isn't just cutting them down he is pulling them out and setting me free, painfully at times . 

Galatians 5:1  It is for freedom that Christ has set us free. Stand firm, then, and do not let yourselves be burdened again by a yoke of slavery.


  1. Your words speak to my heart. God loves us so much that he wants to rid our lives of the weeds that hinder us from going forward. I remember the poem he gave me about "The Surgeon" that gave me the courage to allow him to do the surgery I was afraid of. Looking back I see His love and I am forever grateful.

    Your descriptions of the journey touch my soul.

    Thank you.

  2. HOpefully you and the other 1390 people reading feel the same way.


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