Friday, October 28, 2011

My weeds...

 Some things are just weeds in my life that I just can't keep up with.  Two tangable ones are dishes and laundry.   Dishes are one of the never ending work of a mother of two boys.  My oldest just needs a few more inches to help with them.  It's amazing how it can start feeling so overwhelming that they pile up so fast.  I feel like when I have a good day it is easy to keep up with the daily tasks of life.  It's been a hard day. 
 I think any mom of preschoolers call relate with the sippy cup invasion and plastic bowls that have been used in many unmentionable ways. 

 At least these dishes are clean and maybe tomorrow they will find their way to the cabinets.  Is there a magic fairy that comes at night?  If so I would clone it and sell it to all the mom's in the world for a mere $10!
Finally my biggest nemesis is laundry.  For years I would only hire babysitters that would fold all the laundry after the children went to sleep.  It was worth 2-3 more dollars an hour to have someone attack the pile on the counter of clean clothes. You know that it is a good day when all the laundry is at least folded.  Put away... well that is another day of blogging. 

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