Saturday, October 8, 2011

My Scan

 Well here are my scans....  I have three areas of increase activity.  Left temporal lobe, basal ganglia, and anterior cingulate gyrus.  It's a funny feeling going into this appointment.  You want something wrong, but not to wrong.  Kind of counter conflicting feelings.  If I had nothing wrong then I would just think I was crazy, and then if something is really wrong then I guess they should lock me up in a padded room. 

Well I got my wish some things were off but not terribly.  Much of which we assumed was correct.  The circled areas increase anxiety and I was on a medicine that people more anxious.  So off I wen from the Wellbutrin. While increasing my Lexapro.  And the next medicine I am taking calms the Basal Ganglia and Left Temporal Lobe is a anticonvulsant, Lamictal.  If anyone looks up Lamictal; I will already answer the question no I don't have Bi-Polar,just major Depressive Disorder, Moderate, Recurrent, and Generalized Anxiety with Panic.  Good Times!! (note the sarcasm)  So here I go with changes for increased health. 

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