Tuesday, October 4, 2011

The Brain- SPECT Images

Amazing Facts of your Brain: From the Clement's Clinic

1) The Brain is the most complicated organ with over 100 billion cells

2) The Brain controls how you think (brain not right thinking not right)

3) The Brain controls how you feel

4) The Brain controls how you act

5) The Brain can Change (love that one)

6) It important to know how it works

7) Certain areas of the brain are associated with emotional, behavioral, and learning problems

8) Brain injuries can impact brain function

So why SPECT scan?  I have been battling with Major Depression, Panic and general anxiety for 10 plus years.  With multiple different medications, dosage, therapy, counseling; I still have major episodes that are so debilitating that I am unable to function as a Child of God, wife, and mother.  So as a family we decided to take a look at the functioning of my brain.  I had to be off caffeine, chocolate, and anti anxiety pills for several days proceeding my test. 

Straight off the www.clementsclinic.com "SPECT is stands for “Single Photon Emission Computed Tomography.” It is a sophisticated nuclear medicine study that measures the cerebral blood flow and activity patterns of your brain. It utilizes a radiopharmaceutical to create images of actual brain function by identifying blood flow patterns throughout the brain."

The images from my study have assisted my doctor in making a more accurate diagnosis and treatment plan for me.  The idea to “see” the areas of their brain that are contributing to my symptoms has already given me a much better understanding of my condition and validation I am not "crazy."

Below is a picture of a healthy Female brain between the ages of 28 and 37.  So not my actual brain images.

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