Friday, September 2, 2011

A new flower

So in the spirit of hope I went to Lowe's and found one of a few lone flowers for sale in over 100 degree heat.  It said $8.95.  It looked a little sad, but had glimmers of life in the form of a few buds.  So I took it up to the register and asked the lady about the standard Lowe's guarantee.  Well no such year guarantee on flowers bought this time of year in Texas, but the lady said it is 50% off.  I was already resolved to buy it but this made it all the more sweeter.  So into the ground this flowering plant went, while I am dripping with sweat even though it takes no more that 5 minutes for the whole process. 

  What does this have to do with depression you might ask?  I am going to chose to have faith that this journey I am on will produce a beautiful flower, just like this plant.  With some tlc, water and sun this plant will hopefully grow.  I too will grow and experience greater joy in this life and some freedom from depression. 

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