Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The Cost of Mental Health

Truly mental illness is costly not just money but also relationally.  First it costs your relationships to suffer, marriage to be tested, and your spirituality to be questioned.  Nothing about depression, anxiety, etc. gives you anything (well that you are consciously aware of, but that is another post).   The costs to my life have cost me far more than the dollar amount that I have put into good health care. 

Financially seeking medical care has made us as a family sacrifice dreams and security in savings.  Now I don't bring this up as poor me, rather as a wake up call to receive good help fast instead of allowing yourself to sit in silence suffering, not being honest with how bad your struggle is.  After running with my husband yesterday he graciously informed me that he would go to all costs to get me the right care. For me I tried to find band aide after band aide to first stop the Panic attacks, lessen stress, have people take care of my children; instead of trying to deal with the root of my issues.  Not that any of the other things are bad but it wasn't until I committed to a good Psychologist care, counseling and testing did I began to see change, acknowledging I have a long way to go. 

The Clements Clinic has been my place of transformation, growth, and quality care.  This is where I did my SPECT scan a few weeks ago.  Roughly this last year I have spent over $9000 on mental health and I praise God that he has provided.  Here is the amazing news and God's hand in all of this, right when things get tight or we are making decisions based on $ instead of health God provides.  Whether it is through a financial gift from family that doesn't know we are struggling, my husbands generous heart, or our house selling in California, a gift to help with a SPECT scan, a $40 off medication coupon, or a friend offering to babysit, God has provided!!

"Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer." Roman 12:12

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